ITF Philippines report of 2019

ITF Philippines President Reported:

With a degree of pride that I present my first President’s report for the year 2019.
Several months after the former NGB President (Mr. Christian Llosa) abandoned the Philippine ITF Taekwon-Do Council due to some circumstances, the said organization undergoes lots of challenges and trials that every members will never forget for the rest of their lives.
The Philippine ITF had its Annual Congress on 2 June 2019 at B Hotel, Madrigal Business park, Alabang, Muntinlupa city. And also its 1st International Technical Seminar on 30 May-2 Jun 2019 at Vista Mall Las Pinas, conducted by GM Tan Chek Si (VP of ATF) with the assistance of Master Lee Sock Cheng.
The Theme of the Congress is ` REBUILD THE PHILIPPINE ITF’’ which attended by 32 delegates. The Congress was led by yours truly Kristian Nestor B. Saludo, Mr Eduardo P. Papa and Mr Ferdinand B. Berces. The Congress focused on Mr. Christian Llosas abandonment of the organization due to following circumstances:
• He collected exorbitant fees for Dan Certificates and ITF Booklets which he did not remit to ITF HQ.
• Unauthorized collection of Grading fees from 4 senior Blackbelts.
• He did not remit the payment of Mr. Peter Tentativa for the application of Branch Plaque.
• Since 2015 he didn’t remit any Money into the PITC fund. And he never called for an executive board meetings.
• He did all the planning to all activities and execute it without the approval of the executive Board.
• He collected approximately 300,000 Philippine peso from the parents, competitors and delegates for the 1st Asia Pacific Taekwon-Do School Championships Tournament in Selangor, Malaysia for their Tournament fee, hotel accommodation, sparring gears, etc. The hotel accommodation, the sparring gears etc was never paid and the tournament fee was only partially paid.
• He neglected and abandoned the Philippine contingent which he organised but did not show up in the said event.
• The Philippine team was humiliated in front of Malaysian organizing Committee. They had to pay on daily basis.
• He collected the 3 technical seminar fees but did not pay to the faclitators.

These outrageous acts demeaned so much for the PITC`s members hence prompted us to reorganized and changed the name to ITF PILIPINAS TAEKWON-DO INC. to be freed from the stigma of his immoral acts, financial opportunism and despotic leadership.
The new organization presented new Constitution and By Laws and the 3 Years Strategy plan. We also elected new executive officers and was inducted by GM Tan Chek Si. The ITF Pilipinas Taekwon-Do needs your support for the betterment of everyone and for the future development of ITF in Philippines.

In closing, 2019 has not been easy but we have steadied the ship and I look forward to 2020 and the succeeding years with a great deal of confidence. We now have a competent and loyal team off the field and it is hoped that this can carry over to success.