IRAN ITF Celebrated 64th BD of Taekwo-Do

In occasion of the 64th Birthday of Taekwon-Do, named by Taekwon-Do Father and Founder General Choi Hong Hi, IRAN ITF Taekwon-Do celebrated the anniversary with holding a technical gathering. About 100 of  Iran ITF Taekwon-Doists convened to perform their unity and integrity, from all over the country, whilst more than 150 could not attend in seminar, due to the rain storm and flood serious warning in the roads and cities.

Also the seminar was viewing by respecting sideliners from Iran ITF genuine members, 2 of most famous TKD pioneers (one of them is the most honorable head-coach of Iran WT teams) , and families.   Recent international milestone gained by ITF described for the attendances by Mr. Hamidreza Madani, Iran ITF Vice-president, to the present attendances, and Mr. Farshad Bahrami, Secretary General for Iran ITF conducted the technical part. The gathering met public success of  ITF Taekwno-Doists all over Iran.

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