ITF Singapore: stay strong in fighting this disease together

Reported by: Rian Chua Hong LiangPresident, ITF Singapore (NGB)

ITF Singapore has been taking additional precautionary measures during this period. For example, we require students to make a health declaration ( and take their temperatures before coming to class, and have emphasized that they should stay home if ill. 
During our recent centralized grading, we split up the group so that different Gup levels can come at different times. This is our attempt to keep classes – which our students enjoy – going, while ensuring public health and safety is safeguarded. 

1.    There will be a holding area before grading where temperature will be taken.

2.    Grading area which we space the student widely apart before commence grading. 

3.    Exit point where student finishes the grading and leave the area. 
At any point, students are given a specific time to reach the grading area. I hereby attach some photos of our grading. 
I think the virus is going to be with us for a while. Just as it has shown the true extent that the world is connected, we hope that our fellow Asian ITF members, and the rest of the ITF community, stay strong in fighting this disease together.

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