All for a Great Cause, ITF Thailand

Reprted by: Master MouldenITF Thailand 16.6.19

All for a great cause.

Sunday morning

stroll!25 students and family of ITF Thailand made and early start – 4am – to participate in a special event for special people in the Singburi Province. The location of the event has great historical significance and plays a big part in drawing tourists to the region.The event was a fundraising series of marathons ranging from 3, 5 and 10.5 kilometers with entry fees being donated to the Special Education Center for disabled persons. ITF Thailand raised some 15,000 baht and had participants in all categories.Most students had an early rise in order to be at the start line by 5:30 am and Thailand being Thailand it was already 27 degrees at that time.Community service is a regular activity undertaken by ITF Thailand and has always received great support from parents who see the value to their children – being reminded that there are less fortunate people then themselves who need help to live a better life.

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