Social Awareness Program on COVID-19 by AANTA

All Afghanistan National Taekwon-Do Association official representative of International Taekwon-Do Federation ITF Vienna- Austria in Afghanistan arranged a campaign and social awareness program related to the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

In Program, the related committee of AANTA gave information on how to avoid and fight against COVID-19 in this situation, as well as the purpose of this program is flow forward the information which was offered to AANTA through Ministry of Health of Afghanistan by Ministry of Information and culture of Afghanistan.

COVID-19 is a virus which is effecting whole world, fighting against it and providing the social awareness our all responsibility to defeat it. To be mention that ITF Taekwon-Do Afghanistan is the leading Association in Afghanistan which organized such a social awareness program for sports community and we can proudly say that this campaign many more sports associations to organize public and social awareness for their instructors and practitioners in related to COVID-19.

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